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Last change: June 6th 2000


about me

picture1So you're curious. Ok, I'll try and give you a few answers then.

Thomas, Picture 2 Anyways I'm roughly 27 years old by now (to be exact, I'm born on October 7th 1973, and if you want you can send me a nice birthday mail. I like getting mail!)

Born I was in Italy. Northern Italy to be exact. Very northern part even: South Tyrol. That's were those strange people are from that are Italian citizen but still have German as their native tongue (so do I).

I was born there and passed about two thirds of my life so far near a small town called Brixen. That link should provide you with an up-to-date photograph. Actually it's quite nice there. Not really in town, but not too far away from town. I like it there (every now and again).

Then at some point I left home and went off to study. So I moved to Innsbruck and inscribed in the local University. Here I usually can be found. Either in one of the computer labs or I am in the cinema or I'm to be found in an Irish Pub. Because that's where I usually am.

I like Irish Pubs because they remind me of my year abroad, which I passed in Manchester where I've been studying at the UMIST (that's short for University of Manchester, Institute for Science and Technology). And I definitively had a good time there. And I got used to drinking the best beer in the world: Stout! That's why you can find a link to the Guinness-Brewery on my links-page.

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