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Last change: Feb 22nd 1999



This is the page dedicated people I know and who have their own home in the WWW. Have a look and I hope you will enjoy what you will find!


I'm in Austria right now, so I think I best start off with homepages of the people that are physically closest to me (because they can hurt me more than other if they are not linked) :)
The order is purely alphabetical and absolutely non-rating.

Dodo Dorits Homepage, not really finished by now, but one day, it probably and hopefully will.
Doris Mitterbacher: pictures and mp3-files. Legal ones even, made by Doris herself. Doris
Holze Andreas Holzner: nothing much to say, basically because right now I can't think of anything.
Joe Koller, an astronomy student and fellow movie-goer. Joe
Jürgen Jürgen Tomasi. A little bit of chemistry... and basically just another homepage.
Mario Krismer: Nice designed homepage. And pictures from around the world. And he's another one of the crazy movie-goers. Mario
Ute Ute Holler: anything you always wanted to know about sneak-previews but were too afraid to ask...

People in England

First of all there's Jeff. He lives in a small town that has 3 (!) breweries, pubs and not very much more. But take a look yourself. He has quite a lot about the DiscWorld MUD on his page as well but the information might be a tad on the older side since he doesn't have much time to work on an update.

Then there's Mark (aka Aaaarse), the Phantom Axeman. Here you find stuff about Star Trek (tnG) and loads of other stuff. That is you might (and you're supposed) to find it, if he has finally managed to finish his page. Last time I checked it was in a slightly less experimental phase.

And how could I forget Mark II (there's too many Marks around, don't you think), also known as Big Dog? Here you can find all (well almost all at least) you want to know about beer and Rugby (mainly Wigan, though). Actually he's got his own firm by now and he's doing silly prints. If you like t-shirts with silly prints on them, you might want to go to Big Dog Clothing. :)

More links will follow as soon as I got them and (of course) veryfied them.

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