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Last change: February 7th 2000



I've been travelling around a bit (not very much, but still...) and shot some pictures as well. And at some point I thought to myself, why not scan them and make them available on the Internet.
So here is my picture gallery.
But take care: most these galleries contain are quite large. That means long loading time.
Oh, and something else: a resolution of 1024x768 pixels is recommended!

Date Location file size 56.6/28.8
in seconds
Summer 1999 In the Summer of 1999 I've been (only once!) up in the Mountains very close to where I live. 200 kb 30/60
Easter 1997 Part 1 of Scotland in the Easter holidays of 1997. Taking a break from Manchester. (Edinburgh and on our way towards Pitlochry) 600 kb 100/200
Part 2 of Scotland in the Easter Holidays of 1997. Taking a break from Manchester. (Edradour, Aviemore, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye) 600 kb 100/200
After coming back from Scotland I spent another day (April 7th) out with my friends in Blackpool. (Part 1) 400 kb 60/120
We had funny pictures taken in Blackpool. (Part 2) 500 kb 80/160
November 23rd/24th A weekend in Edinburgh 400 kb 60/120
November 3rd-7th The world-famous RAG-beerfestival 550 kb 90/180
1996/1997 During my studying time, I spent a year abroad. That was in Manchester. I didn't take many pictures there, but still here are a few. 360 kb 60/120
Of course I did a few one-day trips to the surroundings of Manchester. Here are pictures from Chester, Nottingham, London 480 kb 80/160

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