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Last change: Feb 22nd 1999


recommended links

This is the page where you can find some of the links I think you should see:

Internet Movie Database First of all there's the Internet Movie Database. It's one of the best pages to look at if you want to know something about a special movie. You can find virtually everything you might want to know. And if it's not there yet, why not add some information.

Guinness!!! And how could I possibly forget a link to the brewery of the best beer of the world: Guinness. And they definitively got a very nice Web-page as well. And what is even more important, they keep it updated! There's loads to see and lots to do, especially with the shockwave plugin!

Virgin Radio 1215am Here is another link I definitely wanted to get in here. It's the link to my favourite radio station: Virgin Radio 1215am. Oh, you can't imagine how I miss that radio station. Well I think sooner or later I'll get my computer hooked up to the internet only to be able to listen to them again, sincethey're broadcasting also via RealAudio.

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