Configuring offlineimap

Having most of my workflow on the commandline mailing my results using Tunderbird or is sometimes quite a chore. I would rather do it from inside my workflow. mutt seems like a natural option. I also quite quickly considered alternatives like alpine - though since I prefer vim for my text editing I quickly decided against it.


For mutt it quickly became aparent that I would need some external tool to fetch my mail. Many sites describe offlineimap though as the maintainer put a message that he moved on to imapfw I was worried. Also my first attempt didn’t work out so I quickly decided I wanted to go with a “maintained” project.

So ultimately I ended at isync.

Initial configurations that I frankensteined together didn’t work either so I had to go on debugging.

certificate woes

I immediately got certificate errors. Even for google. In the configuration the have a commented line for certificates in the home directory. So I decided to get them for myself. Since I am behind the universities firewall in the same subnet as the mail servers I was not to worried that someone might MITM me bad certs.

In short I used

[~]$ openssl s_client -connect -showcerts > crt

to download them. Basically I replace with my servers. Then I used trusty old vim to cut the blocks from -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- down to -----END CERTIFICATE----- (including those lines) into individual files which I named based on the identification before the blocks.


Along with this certificate issues I noticed that passwords often are put in plain text in the config files. An absolute no-go for me. I quickly discovered pass which uses gpg to encrypt them.

Sure still worried as these are then passed around in plain text - but at least I will not have them in my repositories on github.

oh gmail

since most tutorials explicitely explain how to set up gmail I was confused why it just wouldn’t work for me! It just wouldn’t accept the password. After long and useless research I recalled something was changed by google. You can now create passwords for less secure apps - and that was it. All I had to do was create an app password on the linked site. Nice - so now even in the encrypted store is my google password and I can easily delete the one for the app.

final config

so this is what is in my .mbsyncrc. I don’t want to post it as big text block as one needs to fill in the values that fit ones setup.

IMAPAccount uibk
User c....
AuthMechs LOGIN
PassCmd "pass Mail/uibk"
SSLVersions TLSv1.2
CertificateFile ~/.cert/uibk.crt

IMAPAccount gmail
AuthMechs LOGIN
PassCmd "pass Mail/gmail"
SSLVersions TLSv1.2
CertificateFile ~/.cert/gmail.crt


nothing fancy here

IMAPStore uibk-remote
Account uibk
MaildirStore uibk-local
Path ~/Archive/Mail/Uibk/
Inbox ~/Archive/Mail/Uibk/Inbox

IMAPStore gmail-remote
Account gmail
MaildirStore gmail-local
Path ~/Archive/Mail/Gmail/
Inbox ~/Archive/Mail/Gmail/Inbox

though it was essential to create the folders using mkdir -p ~/Archive/Mail/Gmail.

and finally mbsync uibk gmail will work without error.

check automatically

Gotta leave this for now. I see there is an issue with cron on Mac.

Mutt later

Wow this got quite some post. I will describe how to set up mutt next time.

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