Matthias Sutter

Chair in Economics: Design and Behavior
University of Cologne, Germany
Professor of Experimental Economics (part-time)
University of Innsbruck, Austria
matthias.sutter "AT"

Associate Editor of Management Science, Journal of the European Economic Association, European Economic Review, and Economics Letters
Editorial Board Member of Experimental Economics, and Journal of the Economic Science Association

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Matthias Sutter

Find out more about my Book (in German) Die Entdeckung der Geduld - Ausdauer schlägt Talent: Ecowin publisher and Click here for the Chinese edition. Turkish translation in preparation for end of 2016)

Forthcoming papers
  • NEW Cooperation and discrimination within and across language borders: Evidence from children in a bilingual city. European Economic Review (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer). (abstract on EER-website)
  • NEW Second-Degree Moral Hazard in a Real-World Credence Goods Market. Economic Journal (with Loukas Balafoutas and Rudolf Kerschbamer). (older working paper version)
  • NEW Market vs. Residence Principle: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of a Financial Transaction Tax. Economic Journal (with Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler and Daniel Kleinlercher). (older working paper version)
  • NEW The impact of distributional preferences on (experimental) markets for expert services. Economic Journal (with Rudolf Kerschbamer and Uwe Dulleck). (older working paper version)
Published papers
  • NEW Market design and moral behavior. Management Science 62 (2016): 2615-2625 (with Michael Kirchler, Jürgen Huber and Matthias Stefan). (abstract on Management Science-website)
  • NEW Insurance coverage of customers induces dishonesty of sellers in markets for credence goods. PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (2016): 7454-7548 (with Rudolf Kerschbamer and Daniel Neururer). (abstract on PNAS-website). Check out a VIDEO about this paper.
  • NEW Securing Property Rights: A Dilemma Experiment in Austria, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea and the United States. Journal of Public Economics 143 (2016: 115-124 (with T.K. Ahn, Loukas Balafoutas, Mongoljin Batsaikhan, Francisco Campos-Ortiz and Louis Putterman). (abstract on JPubE-website)
  • NEW How strategic are children and adolescents? Experimental evidence from normal-form games. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 128 (2016): 265-285 (with Simon Czermak, Francesco Feri and Daniela Glätzle-Rützler). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • NEW Affirmative action or just discrimination? A study on the endogenous emergence of quotas. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 127 (2016): 87-98 (with Loukas Balafoutas and Brent Davis). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Canceling out early age gender differences in competition - an analysis of policy interventions. Experimental Economics 19 (2016): 412-432 (with Loukas Balafoutas, Simon Czermak and Daniela Rützler). (abstract on EXEC-website)
  • Strive to be first or avoid being last: An experiment on relative performance incentives. Games and Economic Behavior 94 (2015): 39-56 (with Glenn Dutcher, Loukas Balafoutas, Florian Lindner and Dmitry Ryvkin). (abstract on GEB-website)
  • How to measure time preferences in children – A comparison of two methods. Journal of the Economic Science Association 1 (2015): 158-169 (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer). (abstract on JESA-website)
  • Delay of gratification and the role of defaults - An experiment with kindergarten children. Economics Letters 137 (2015): 21-24 (with Manuela Oberauer and Levent Yilmaz). (abstract on EL-website)
  • The hidden costs of tax evasion. Collaborative tax evasion in markets for expert services. Journal of Public Economics 129 (2015): 14-25 (with Loukas Balafoutas, Adrian Beck and Rudolf Kerschbamer). (abstract on JPubE-website)
  • Gender differences in the willingness to compete emerge early in life and persist. Management Science 61 (2015): 2339-2354 (with Daniela Glätzle-Rützler). see VIDEO Watch a Video on Youtube about this paper. (abstract on Management Science-website)
  • Donations, Risk Attitudes and Time Preferences: A Study on Altruism in Primary School Children. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 115 (2015): 67-74 (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Philipp Lergetporer). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • The neural basis of deception in strategic interactions. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 9 (2015), Article 27 (with Kirsten Volz, Kai Vogeley, Marc Tittgemeyer and Yves von Cramon). (abstract on Frontiers-website).
  • No myopic loss aversion in adolescents? An experimental note. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 111 (2015): 169-176 (with Daniela Glätzle-Rützler and Achim Zeileis). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Experimental Games on Networks: Underpinnings of Behavior and Equilibrium Selection. Econometrica 82 (2014): 1615-1670 (with Gary Charness, Francesco Feri and Miguel Melendez-Jimenez). (abstract on ECMA-website)
  • Third-party punishment increases cooperation in children through (misaligned) expectations and conditional cooperation. PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (2014): 6916-6921 (with Philipp Lergetporer, Silvia Angerer and Daniela Glätzle-Rützler). (abstract on PNAS-website)
  • How Werner Güth's ultimatum game shaped our understanding of social behavior. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 108 (2014): 292-318 (with Eric van Damme et al.). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Car mechanics in the lab - Investigating the behavior of real experts on experimental markets for credence goods. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 108 (2014): 166-173 (with Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Jianying Qiu). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Revealed Distributional Preferences: Individuals vs. Teams. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 108 (2014): 319-330 (with Loukas Balafoutas, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Martin Kocher). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Social learning in beauty contest games. Southern Economic Journal 80 (2014: 586-613 (with Martin Kocher and Florian Wakolbinger). (abstract on SEJ-website)
  • The development of egalitarianism, altruism, spite and parochialism in childhood and adolescence. European Economic Review 64 (2013): 369-383 (with Ernst Fehr and Daniela Glätzle-Rützler). (abstract on EER-website)
  • Strategic sophistication of individuals and teams in experimental normal-form games. European Economic Review 64 (2013): 395-410 (with Simon Czermak and Francesco Feri). (abstract on EER-website)
  • What drives taxi drivers? A field experiment on fraud in a market for credence goods. Review of Economic Studies 80 (2013): 876-891 (with Loukas Balafoutas, Adrian Beck and Rudolf Kerschbamer). (abstract on REStud-website). Read a short blog-entry on the publisher's website. Enjoy our taxi-driver study, presented in a VIDEO-clip on YouTube (in German).
  • Shaping beliefs in experimental markets for expert services: Guilt aversion and the impact of promises and money-burning options. Games and Economic Behavior 81 (2013): 145-164 (with Adrian Beck, Rudolf Kerschbamer and Jianying Qiu). (abstract on GEB-website)
  • What do I want and when do I want it: Brain correlates of decisions made for self and other. PLoS ONE 8 (2013): e73531 (with Konstanze Albrecht, Kirsten Volz and Yves von Cramon). (abstract on PLoS ONE-website).
  • Teams make you smarter: How exposure to teams improves individual decisions in probability and reasoning tasks. Management Science 59(6) (2013): 1255-1270 (with Boris Maciejovsky, David Budescu and Patrick Bernau). (abstract on MS-website); (Supplementary Information).
  • Impatience and uncertainty: Experimental decisions predict adolescents' field behavior. American Economic Review 103 (2013): 510-531 (with Martin Kocher, Daniela Rützler and Stefan Trautmann). (abstract on AER-website).
  • Equality, Equity and Incentives: An Experiment. European Economic Review 60 (2013): 32-51 (with Loukas Balafoutas, Martin Kocher and Louis Putterman). (abstract on EER-website)
  • Level-k reasoning and time pressure in the 11-20 money request game. Economics Letters 120 (2013): 542-545 (with Florian Lindner). (abstract on EL-website)
  • The influence of spouses on household decision making under risk: An experiment in rural China. Experimental Economics 16 (2013): 383-403 (with Fredrik Carlsson, Peter Martinsson and Ping Qin). (Abstract on EXEC-website)
  • Other-regarding preferences and leadership styles Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 88 (2012): 109-132 (with Martin Kocher and Ganna Pogrebna). ((abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Affirmative action policies promote women and do not harm efficiency in the lab. Science 335 (3 February 2012): 579-582 (with Loukas Balafoutas). (abstract on Science-website), (Full text on Science-website)
  • Groups make better self-interested decisions. Journal of Economic Perspectives 26/3 (2012): 157-176 (with Gary Charness). (abstract on JEP-website)
  • Psychological pressure in competitive environments: New evidence from randomized natural experiments. Management Science 58 (2012): 1585-1591. (with Martin Kocher and Marc Lenz). (abstract on Management Science-website).
  • Household Decision Making in Rural China: Using Experiments to Estimate the Influences of Spouses. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 84 (2012): 525-536. (with Fredrik Carlsson, Haoran He, Peter Martinsson and Ping Qin). (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Group decision making under risk: An experiment with student couples. Economics Letters 117 (2012): 691-693. (with Haoran He and Peter Martinsson). (abstract on EL-website).
  • Competition between organizational groups: Its impact on altruistic and anti-social motivations. Management Science 58 (2012): 948-960. (with Lorenz Goette, David Huffman and Stefan Meier). (abstract on Management Science-website). A previous version was titled 'Group membership, competition, and altruistic versus antisocial punishment: Evidence from randomly assigned army groups'.
  • Bubbles and information: An experiment. Management Science 58 (2012): 384-393. (with Jürgen Huber and Michael Kirchler). (abstract on Management Science-website).
  • Distributional preferences and competitive behavior. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 83 (2012): 125-135. (with Loukas Balafoutas and Rudolf Kerschbamer). (abstract on JEBO-website).
  • Sabotage in tournaments: Evidence from a natural experiment. Kyklos 65 (2012): 425-441. (with Loukas Balafoutas and Florian Lindner). (abstract on Kyklos-website).
  • The economics of credence goods: On the role of liability, verifiability, reputation and competition. American Economic Review 101 (2011): 526-555. (with Uwe Dulleck and Rudolf Kerschbamer). (abstract on AER-website).
  • What is for me is not for you: Brain correlates of intertemporal choice for self and other. SCAN - Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 6 (2011): 218-225. (with Konstanze Albrecht, David Laibson, Kirsten Volz and Yves von Cramon). (abstract on SCAN-website).
  • The benefits of voluntary leadership in experimental public goods games. Economics Letters 112 (2011): 176-178. (with M. F. Rivas). (abstract on EL-website).
  • Social preferences during childhood and the role of gender and age - An experiment in Austria and Sweden. Economics Letters 110 (2011): 248-251. (with P. Martinsson, K. Nordblom and D. Rützler). (abstract on EL-website).
  • Efficiency gains from team-based coordination - Large scale experimental evidence. American Economic Review 100 (2010): 1892-1912. (with F. Feri and B. Irlenbusch). (abstract on AER-website).
  • Choosing the stick or the carrot? – Endogenous institutional choice in social dilemma situations. Review of Economic Studies 77 (2010): 1540-1566. (with S. Haigner and M. Kocher). (abstract on REStud-website).
  • The economic consequences of a Tobin tax - An experimental analysis. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 74 (2010): 58-71. (with M. Hanke, J. Huber and M. Kirchler). (abstract on JEBO-website).
  • Introduction to special issue: The economics and psychology of football. Journal of Economic Psychology 31 (2010): 155-157. (with M. Kocher). (abstract on JOEP-website).
  • Individual behavior and group membership: Comment. American Economic Review 99 (2009): 2247-2257. (abstract on AER-website).
  • The excess burden of tax evasion - An experimental detection-concealment contest. European Economic Review 53 (2009): 527-543. (with R. Bayer). (abstract on EER-website).
  • Communication, cooperation and collusion in team tournaments - An experimental study. Games and Economic Behavior 66 (2009): 506-525. (with C. Strassmair). (abstract on GEB-website).
  • Gender pairing and bargaining - Beware the same sex!. Experimental Economics 12 (2009): 318-331. (with R. Bosman, M. Kocher and F. van Winden). (abstract on EE-website).
  • Causes, consequences, and cures of myopic loss aversion - An experimental investigation. Economic Journal 119 (2009): 900-916. (with G. Fellner) (abstract on EJ-website).
  • Individuals and teams in auctions. Oxford Economic Papers 61 (2009): 380-394. (with M. Kocher and S. Strauss) (abstract on OEP-website).
  • Group polarization in the team dictator game reconsidered. Experimental Economics 12 (2009): 26-41. (with M. Kocher and W. Luhan) (abstract on EE-website).
  • Deception through telling the truth?! Experimental evidence from individuals and teams. Economic Journal 119 (2009): 47-60. (abstract on EJ-website).
  • Searching for a better deal – On the influence of group decision making, time pressure and gender in a search experiment . Journal of Economic Psychology 30: 1-10. (with S. Czermak and M. Ibanez). (abstract on JOEP-website).
  • Conditional cooperation on three continents. Economics Letters 101 (2008): 175-178. (with M. Kocher, T. Cherry, S. Kroll and R. Netzer) (abstract on EL-website).
  • Trading agricultural payment entitlements: An experimental investigation of bilateral negotiations. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90 (2008): 1201-1207. (with E. Bahrs and S. Kroll). (abstract at AJAE-website).
  • Trust in cooperation or ability? An experimental study on gender differences. Economics Letters 99 (2008): 494-497. (with C. Schwieren) (abstract on EL-website).
  • Is more information always better? Experimental financial markets with cumulative information. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 65 (2008): 86-104. (with J. Huber and M. Kirchler) (abstract on JEBO-website)
  • Economics research in Canada: A long-run assessment of journal publications. Canadian Journal of Economics 41 (2008): 22-45. (with J. Davies and M. Kocher) (abstract on CJE-website).
  • Leading by example with and without exclusion power in voluntary contribution experiments. Journal of Public Economics 91 (2007): 1023-1042. (with W. Güth, V. Levati and E. van der Heijden) (abstract on JPubE-website).
  • Trust and trustworthiness across different age groups. Games and Economic Behavior 59 (2007): 364-382. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on GEB-website).
  • Bargaining outside the lab – A newspaper experiment of a three-person ultimatum game. Economic Journal 117 (2007): 449-469. (with W. Güth and C. Schmidt) (abstract on EJ-website).
  • Leading by example in a public goods experiment with heterogeneity and incomplete information. Journal of Conflict Resolution 51 (2007): 793-818. (with V. Levati and E. van der Heijden) (abstract on JCR-website).
  • Trust between individuals and groups: Groups are less trusting than individuals but just as trustworthy. Journal of Economic Psychology 28 (2007): 646-657. (with G. Bornstein, M. Kocher and T. Kugler) (abstract on JOEP-website).
  • Are teams prone to myopic loss aversion? An experimental study on individual versus team investment behavior. Economics Letters 97 (2007): 128-132. (abstract on EL-website).
  • Outcomes versus intentions. On the nature of fair behavior and its development with age. Journal of Economic Psychology 28 (2007): 69-78. (abstract on JOEP-website).
  • Individual versus group behavior and the role of the decision making procedure in gift-exchange experiments. Empirica 34 (2007): 63-88. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on Empirica-website).
  • Individual or team decision making - Causes and consequences of self-selection. Games and Economic Behavior 56 (2006): 259-270. (with M. Kocher and S. Strauss) (abstract on GEB-website).
  • Endogenous versus exogenous allocation of prizes in teams - Theory and experimental evidence. Labour Economics 13 (2006): 519-549. (abstract on LE-website).
  • Time is money - Time pressure, incentives, and the quality of decision-making. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 61 (2006): 375-392. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on JEBO-website).
  • An experimental analysis of voting in the stability and growth pact in EMU. Public Choice 129 (2006): 417-434. (with B. Irlenbusch) (abstract on PUCH-website).
  • Voluntary versus compulsory solidarity - Theory and experiment. JITE - Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 162 (2006): 347-363. (with W. Güth and H. Verbon) (abstract on JITE-website).
  • Measuring productivity of research in economics. A cross-country study using DEA. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 40 (2006): 314-332. (with M. Kocher and M. Luptacik) (abstract on SEPS-website) .
  • Vom Nutzen zusätzlicher Information auf Märkten mit unterschiedlich informierten Händlern - Eine experimentelle Studie. zfbf - Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung 58 (2006): 188-211. (with J. Huber and M. Kirchler) (abstract)
  • The decision maker matters. Individual versus team behavior in experimental beauty-contest games. Economic Journal 115 (2005): 200-223. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on EJ-website).
  • Are four heads better than two? An experimental beauty-contest game with teams of different size. Economics Letters 88 (2005): 41-46. (abstract on EL-website).
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  • Measuring efficiency of German football teams by Data Envelopment Analysis. Central European Journal of Operations Research 12 (2004): 251-268. (with D. Haas and M. Kocher) (abstract)
  • Patterns of co-authorship among economics departments in the U.S.. Applied Economics 36 (2004): 327-333. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on AppE-website).
  • Fairness in the mail and opportunism in the internet - A newspaper experiment on ultimatum bargaining. German Economic Review 4 (2003): 243-265. (with W. Güth and C. Schmidt) (abstract on GER-website).
  • Bargaining under time pressure in an experimental ultimatum game. Economics Letters 81 (2003): 341-347. (with M. Kocher and S. Strauss) (abstract on EL-website).
  • Voting in EMU - An experimental study on institutional innovation and the role of communication in the Stability and Growth Pact. Journal of Common Market Studies 41 (2003): 645-664. (with B. Irlenbusch, U. Leopold-Wildburger and J. Schütze) (abstract on JCMS-website).
  • The political economy of fiscal policy - An experimental study on the strategic use of deficits. Public Choice 116 (2003): 313-332. (abstract on PUCH-website).
  • Government strength, power dispersion in governments and budget deficits in OECD-countries. A voting power approach. Public Choice 116 (2003): 333-350. (with G. Huber and M. Kocher) (abstracton PUCH-website).
  • On the effects of asymmetric and endogenous taxation in experimental public goods games. Economics Letters 79 (2003): 59-67. (with H. Weck-Hannemann) (abstract on EL-website).
  • Investment and bargaining in bilateral joint ventures - An experimental study of family decision making. JITE - Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 159 (2003): 323-341. (with W. Güth, R. Ivanova-Stenzel and H. Weck-Hannemann) (abstract on JITE-website).
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  • Taxation and the veil of ignorance - A real effort experiment on the Laffer curve. Public Choice 115 (2003): 217-240. (with H. Weck-Hannemann) (abstract on PUCH-website).
  • Experimental 'Beauty Contests' with homogeneous and heterogeneous players and with interior and boundary equilibria. Economics Letters 74 (2002): 219-228. (with W. Güth and M. Kocher) (abstract on EL-website).
  • Public bad prevention by majority voting on redistribution - Experimental evidence. Group Decision and Negotiation 11 (2002): 415-428. (abstract GDN-ebsite).
  • Lack of standardization in informetric research: Reply. Scientometrics 55 (2002): 329-331. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on Scientometrics-website).
  • Representation and educational background of European economistsin top journals of economics. Empirica 29 (2002): 275-288. (with M. Kocher and R. Mrsic) (abstract on Empirica-website).
  • The institutional concentration of authors in top journals of economics during the last two decades. Economic Journal 111 (2001): F405-421. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on EJ-website).
  • Tools for evaluating research output: Are citation-based rankings of economics journals stable?. Evaluation Review 25(2001): 555-566. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on EvalReview-website).
  • Power laws of research output. Evidence for journals of economics. Scientometrics 51(2001): 405-414. (with M. Kocher) (abstract on Scientometrics-website).
  • Fair allocation and re-weighting of votes and voting power in the EU before and after the next enlargement. Journal of Theoretical Politics 12 (2000): 433-449. (abstract on JTP-website).
  • Flexible integration, EMU and relative voting power in the EU. Public Choice 104 (2000): 41-62. (abstract on PUCH-website).
  • Voting and voting power in the Stability Pact. Homo Oeconomicus 15 (1999): 521-542. (abstract)
Working papers
Refereeing and editorial responsibilities
  • Associate Editor Management Science since 2011.
  • Associate Editor European Economic Review since 2012.
  • Associate Editor Economics Letters since 2014.
  • Associate Editor Journal of the European Economic Association since 2017.
  • Editorial Board Member Experimental Economics since 2009.
  • Editorial Board Member Journal of the Economic Science Association since 2014.
  • Associate Editor Journal of Economic Psychology 2006-2010.
  • Associate Editor Management Science, Special Issue on Behavioral Economics and Finance 2010
  • Referee for: • American Economic Review • Econometrica • Quarterly Journal of Economics • Review of Economic Studies • Nature • Science • American Economic Journal:Microeconomics • American Journal of Political Science • American Political Science Review • B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy • British Journal of Cancer • Central European Journal of Operations Research • Cognition • Computers and Operations Research • Developmental Science • Economic Inquiry • Economic Journal • Economica • Economics Letters • Empirica • Empirical Economics • European Economic Review • European Integration Online Papers • European Journal of Developmental Psychology • European Journal of Political Economy • European Journal of Social Psychology • European Psychologist • Experimental Economics • Evolution and Human Behavior • Finanzarchiv • Games and Economic Behavior • German Economic Review • Infant and Child Development • International Journal of Industrial Organization • International Journal of Sport Finance • International Tax and Public Finance • Journal of Conflict Resolution • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization • Journal of Economic Psychology • Journal of Economics and Management Strategy • Journal of Empirical Legal Studies • Journal of Experimental Child Psychology • Journal of Human Resources • Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics • Journal of Law, Economics and Organization • Journal of Politics • Journal of Population Economics • Journal of Public Economic Theory • Journal of Public Economics • Journal of Sports Economics • Journal of Sports Sciences • Journal of Theoretical Politics • Labour Economics • Management Science • Managerial and Decision Economics • National Tax Journal • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes • Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik • PLoS ONE • PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences • Police Quarterly • Psychology and Aging • Public Choice • Review of Economics and Statistics • SCAN - Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience • Scandinavian Journal of Economics • Scientific Reports • Scottish Journal of Political Economy • Social Choice and Welfare • Southern Economic Journal • Austrian National Bank (Jubiläumsfonds) • Danish Council for Independent Research • Dutch Research Council • European Economic Association (Annual Meeting) • European Science Foundation (ESF) • German Science Foundation (DFG) • Max Planck Society • National Science Foundation (NSF) • Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (NÖG) • Verband Deutscher Rentenversicherungsträger • Verein für Socialpolitik (Annual Meeting)
Media coverage (selected)
  • Reiche wollen nicht, dass andere viel ärmer sind. Die ZEIT, 30 December 2015.
  • Here’s the “Lean In” case for giving women preferential treatment in the workplace. Washington Post, 4 November 2015.
  • Menschen im Westen haben anderen Zugang zu Fairness. Der Standard, 9 December 2015.
  • Netzwerktreffen Vorarlberg. ORF Vorarlberg, 31 July 2015.
  • Gesetze allein ändern das Verhalten nicht. Die Presse, 11 July 2015.
  • Spieltheorie. WDR 5, 10 April 2015.
  • Wir sind keine kalten Nutzenmaximierer. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 22 February 2015.
  • Scobel. Das Spiel des Lebens. 3sat. See video on Youtube. 11. December 2014.
  • Der junge homo oeconomicus - Geduldige Kinder sind als Erwachsene erfolgreicher. Guest contributor in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 19. November 2014.
  • Woher kommt Erfolg? Die Zeit, 6. November 2014.
  • Servus am Morgen. Servus TV, 1. April 2014.
  • Stöckl. ORF2, 13. March 2014.
  • Frühstück bei mir - mit Claudia Stöckl. Ö3, 9. March 2014.
  • Nur Geduld. Interview with Matthias Sutter. Zeit online, 1. March 2014.
  • Spitzenforschung mitten aus dem Leben. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 10. February 2014.
  • Koalitionsverhandlungen in Österreich. Zeit im Bild Magazin. ORF1, 4. Oktober 2013.
  • Kreuz und Quer: Wie reich sind Reiche? ORF2, 27. November 2012.
  • Quoten können das Verhalten der Frauen ändern. Guest contributor in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 22. October 2012.
  • Matthias Sutter. Entscheidungen mit Verstand und Gefühl. Die Presse, 2. October 2012.
  • Geduld ist bare Münze wert. Ökonomen: Wer abwarten kann, lebt gesund und sparsam. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 23. April 2012.
  • Warum sich Frauen seltener einem Wettbewerb stellen. Die Presse, 11. February 2012.
  • Das Gier-Gen ist noch nicht entdeckt worden. Interview in Der Standard, 7. December 2011.
  • Die Ökonomie menschlichen Verhaltens. Der Standard, 28. September 2011.
  • Mit dem Taxi durch Athen. Vorarlberger Nachrichten, 29. June 2011.
  • Kreuz und Quer: Vom Sinn des Gebens. ORF2, 21. June 2011.
  • Traue niemals einem Taxifahrer. Handelsblatt, 12. May 2011.
  • The gender pay gap could be down to boys being more competitive. The Telegraph, 20. April 2011.
  • Uomini più competitivi per questo guadagnano di più. La Repubblica, 21. April 2011.
  • Taxi drivers take passengers for a ride. The Telegraph, 18. April 2011.
  • Ein Experiment zum Taxifahren in Athen. FehrAdvice Blog .
  • Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser. Handelsblatt, 29. December 2010.
  • Gender and competition. Video on Youtube .
  • TV-Magazine "Scobel" Für eine (neue) Philosophie des Geldes. 3sat, 8. April 2010. (watch the whole magazine at this link) (watch a sequence about my experiments at this link).
  • Mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen. MAN Magazin. March 2010.
  • Leute-Night. SWR (TV), 12. February 2010.
  • Gier, Geiz und andere schlechte Eigenschaften. SRW1-Radio, 8. February 2010.
  • TV-Talkshow "Hart aber fair" Gier. ARD, 20. January 2010.
  • TV-Talkshow "plasberg persönlich" Geld gleich Glück? Verzicht trifft Überfluss. WDR, 6. November 2009.
  • Mädchen sind wettbewerbsscheuer als Buben. ORF on science, 31. August 2009.
  • Banken-crashs: Goldbarren zu horten wäre nicht klug. Spiegel online, 8. October 2008.
  • Children learn rules of equality by age eight. Nature-News, 27. August 2008
  • Fussballistik: Das Trikot. Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), 23. June 2008.
  • Fussballforscher. ORF, 12. and 14. June 2008.
  • Der Abschied vom Homo Oeconomicus. BR2 - IQ, Die Sendung, die Wissen schafft. 7. February 2008.
  • Die 7 Todsünden: Habgier (The seven deadly sins). Pro7, 31. August 2007.
  • Schiedsrichter wollen geliebt werden. Handelsblatt, 29. May 2007.
  • Es lebe der Teamgeist! Handelsblatt, 12. March 2007.
  • Warum man Kindern nicht trauen sollte. WEST, 4. December 2006
  • Selig sind die Ahnungslosen. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 3 December 2006.
  • Matthias Sutter: Der Spätberufene. Handelsblatt, 21. November 2006.
  • Vertrauen und Ökonomie. Ö1 Dimensionen, 3. November 2006.
  • Warum Sie Ihrem Kind lieber nicht trauen sollten. Handelsblatt, 9. October 2006.
  • Kein homo oeconomicus. 3sat – nano, 19. September 2006.
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