Rupert Sausgruber (as of March 1, 2013: Vienna University of Economics and Business)


Fields of Interests

· Behavioral Public Finance

· Experiments in the Laboratory and the Field



Confusion and Reinforcement Learning in the Voluntary Contributions Game (2012), with R.-C. Bayer and E. Renner. Forthcoming: Experimental Economics (pdf)

Inequality Aversion and Voting on Redistribution (2012), with W. Höchtl and J.-R. Tyran. European Economic Review 56: 1406–1421 (pdf)

The Pivotal Mechanism Revisited - Some Evidence on Group Manipulation (2012), with F. Feri, A. Gantner, and W. Höchtl. Forthcoming: Experimental Economics (pdf)

Honesty on the Streets: A Field Study on Newspaper Purchasing (2011), with G.J. Pruckner. Forthcoming: Journal of the European Economic Association (pdf)

Testing Enforcement Strategies in the Field: Threat, Moral Appeal and Social Information (2011), with G. Fellner and Ch. Traxler. Forthcoming: Journal of the European Economic Association (pdf)

Are We Taxing Ourselves? How Deliberation and Experience Shape Voting on Taxes (2011), with J.-R. Tyran. Journal of Public Economics 95: 164-76 (pdf)

Voting on Thresholds for Public Goods: Experimental Evidence (2010), with J. Rauchdobler and J.-R. Tyran. Public Finance Analysis (Finanzarchiv) 66(1): 34-64. (pdf)

The Chopstick Auction: An Experimental Study of the Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit Auctions (2009) , with F. Englmaier, P. Guillen, L. Llorente, and S. Onderstal. International Journal of Industrial Organization 27(2): 286-291. (pdf)

A Note on Peer Effects between Teams (2009). Experimental Economics 12(2): 193-201. (pdf)

Voting between Tax Regimes to Fund a Public Good (revision of the paper previously entitled "Tax Morale and Optimal Taxation") (2008), with W. Gueth. Economics of Governance 9(4): 287-303. (pdf)

Pure Redistribution and the Provision of Public Goods (2007), with J.-R. Tyran. Economics Letters 95: 334–338. (pdf)

When to Coalesce: Early Versus Late Coalition Announcement in an Experimental Democracy (2007), with R.E. Goodin and W. Güth. British Journal of Political Science 38: 181-191 (pdf)

A Little Fairness may Induce a Lot of Redistribution in Democracy (2006), with J.-R. Tyran. European Economic Review 50(2): 469-85. (pdf)

Tax Morale and (De-)Centralization (2005), with W. Güth and M.V. Levati. Public Choice 125(1): 171-88. (pdf)

Testing the Mill Hypothesis of Fiscal Illusion (2005), with J.-R. Tyran. Public Choice 122: 39-68. (pdf)

Conformism and Reciprocity in Public Good Provision (2005), with N. Bardsley. Journal of Economic Psychology 26(5): 664-81 (pdf)

The Diffusion of Policy Innovations (2005), with J.-R. Tyran. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 15(4): 423-42. (pdf)


Working Papers

Social Preferences and Voting on Reform (2012), with F. Paetzel and Stefan Traub (pdf)

Allotment In First-Price Auctions (2012), with L. Corazzini, S. Galavotti, and P. Valbonesi (pdf)

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