Welcome to my Austrian Football (Soccer) Site!


Contact (e-mail): Andreas Exenberger


Information on this site is in English (while most of the links only contain information in German ), but you may also contact me in German.


On this site you will find first of all tables - Spartanic but hopefully user-friendly ones - and some links. What you will not find are moving objects, guest books, films, not even pictures and - sorry for that - no database and hardly any results (besides by following the links). All of that would be too much work.


But what you will find additionally to usual sites is information about women's leagues, cup competitions and the indoor competition of the "Bundesliga". And I hope to find some time for updating the archive from 2000/01 onwards.


This site is also connected to the RSSSF (Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation), certainly the best international collection of football tables in the internet und thus worldwide (you may find it at http://www.rsssf.com), especially for covering the Austrian lower classes.


That's enough for now, enjoy quarrying!

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