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Resources for Translators and Interpreters

compiled by Peter Sandrini

Resources and Translation Pages

Terminology Resources and On-line-Dictionaries
Aquarius home page
Translator's Home Companion
Translation Resources by Applied Language
Defiense by Reino Havbrandt
BITRA - Bibliographical database on translating and interpreting by Javier Franco in Alicante
Languages and Translation (Mazzoldi)
Cecilia Falk Home page (Malmö, Sweden)
Internet Resources for Translators (Michelle de Raaij)
Translation Related Resources at AIM (Poland)
O Traductor Virtual (Vigo, Galicia)
Los expertos en Ingenierìa de Lenguaje
Aides à la traduction - Service de traduction Bern (CH)
The English Server at CMU
Aslib Technical Translation Group
Yahoo: translators and interpreters
The Court Interpreting Home Page
Dr. Jose L. Varela-Ibarra's Web Page notes on the business of translating and interpreting
Joao Roque Dias' Translation Links
LinguaServe - Electronic Market Place for Documentation and Languages
Translation Journal
Human Languages Page
Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies
Translation and Languages - Information guide on languages, translation services and translators
Brian Huebner's Interpreter Pages
Webb's Translation Resources
The International Translators' Association: Database of Translators and more
Links collection of ISLA School Salamanca
Reference Links from WIPO
L'Usine du Traducteur

Online Journals

  1. TRANSST - International Newsletter for Translation Studies
  2. Translation Journal
  3. Language International
  4. Meta
  5. The Translator

Mailing Lists and Discussion Groups

  1. Lantra-L FAQ and Lantra-L, Listserver: (, Discussion List: (
  2. Forum for Conference Interpreters (for Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpreting) on Egroups, Listserver: (, Discussion List: (
  3. TRANSLAT Listserver: (
  4. TERM-LIST Listserver: ( Discussion List: term-list at,
  5. TLSFRM Terminologie et langages spécialisés Forum, Listserver: (, Discussion List: (
  6. List CETRA Leuven Listserver: (, Discussion List:
  7. U-FORUM - deutschsprachiges Internet-Diskussionsforum zu Fragen der Berufspraxis, Listserver: (, Diskussionsbeiträge: (
  8. U-JOBS - für den deutschsprachigen Markt relevante Übersetzungsaufträge aus aller Welt, Listserver: (, Diskussionsbeiträge: (
  9. Swedish/Nordic user group for TRADOS Translators Workbench
  10. LANGline - weekly mailing list, Listserver: (, Discussion List:
  11. Dutch/Flemish translators from/into all languages, Discussion List:
  12. Traduccion: Spanish Translation List, subscribe:, archives:
  13. Tecnotrad: Spanish Technical Translation List, subscribe:, archives:
  14. FORENSIC LINGUISTICS, Listserver: ( , Discussion List:
  15. COURTINTERP-L Listserver: (, Discussion List: a NAJIT-sponsored listserver mailing list for discussing anything having to do with court interpreting and legal translation.
  16. Linguistik der Universität Göttingen Listserver: (LISTPROC@GWDG.DE), Discussion List: (LINGUISTIK@UNI-GOETTINGEN.DE)
  17. Honyaku Mailing List for Japanese-English Translators
  18. TECHWR-L (Technical Communication) Listserver: (LISTSERV@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU), Discussion List: (TECHWR-L@LISTSERV.OKSTATE.EDU)
  19. LANGIT Listserver: (LISTSERV@ICINECA.CINECA.IT), Discussion List: (LANGIT@ICINECA.CINECA.IT) Discussione Centri Linguistici Italiani
  20. DE-NEWS Listserver: (DE-NEWS@LISTSERV.GMD.DE) What's going on in Germany - a summary of daily news from Germany
  21. LINGUIST Listserver: (, Discussion List:
  22. The International Translator's Association: ITA-L, Listserver: (
  23. Trados products users' List
  24. Literary translation - The LitTrans Mailing List


Gesellschaft für angewandte Linguistik GAL

Translation and Computers

The Translator and the Current Services of the Internet a Seminar paper by Anukaisa Alanen, Tampere
List of Translation-relevant Software List compiled by P.A. Schmitt, also at Leipzig University
Gerald Dennett's Home Page with information on translation memory tools
Dèjá Vu Translation Memory fram Atril
Petamem mit NLP-Portal
Heisoft Sprachensoftware
Logos MT-System
Gesellschaft für multilinguale Systeme, T1 Home Page
Intergraph (Transcend)
Language Assistant
Language Engineering Corporation
Text Analyzer Home Page
MCBSYS Trados seller
Termium on CD-ROM Info
IBM Translation Manager
Bilingua Language Engineering
The Multilingual WWW
EAMT - European Association for Machine Translation
Consortium for Lexical Research
ELRA European Language Ressources Association
Relator - Linguistische Ressourcen für Europa
TACT Linguistic Analysis Tool
DBT Pisystem Pisa
Cecilia Falk's Tool Box
Corpus-driven Translation by I. & M. Friedbichler

Technical Writing and Localisation

Fachzeitschrift Technische Dokumentation
Society for Technical Communication (STC)
Silicon Valley Localization Forum
Technical writing
Language Engineering Corporation Home Page
Localisation Resources Centre
SDL International - SDLX Tool
Localisation Industry Standards Association
Silicon Valley Localization Forum (SVLF)

Agencies and Companies, online registry
Find a Translator, Interpreter online with Linguistfinder
Translation agencies in Europe

Search the Internet


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