1. Visualization and Diagnosis of Pigmented Lesions VDPL 1.0*

Free-portable software, which can be used with or without a dermatoscope and a personal photo camera to visualize, monitor and diagnosis pigmented lesions.

Version:  1.0
Dependences: Windows
Author: Hermann Mena
Maintenance: Hermann Mena <>

Topics: Monitoring and diagnosis pigmented lesions.

*This software is available upon request.


2. Automated Fuzzy Regression Methods (R-script)

In this script for the software R, some automated fuzzy regression methods are implemented. Particularly, it contains routines for: Bacht Least Squares, Recursive Bacth Least Squares, Modified Learning from Example and Combined Recursive Bacth Least Squares. The methods were implemented such that they became an alternative for some applications in Economy which are usually model by tradional regression.

Version:  0.4
Dependences: R(=>2.13) 32 bits
Author: Rodrigo Paúl Cajamarca and Hermann Mena
Maintenance: Rodrigo Paúl Cajamarca <>, Hermann Mena <>

Topics: Fuzzy Regression, Linear models, Econometrics , Economy.


3. Fuzzy Hybrid System for Forecasting Time Series (R-script)

In this script a routine for modelling time series meeting the requirements of regresive models SARIMA is implemented. The routine is based on SARIMA models, the forecast package for R and fuzzy clustering methods. Numerical experiments in Finance applications were performed and good results were achieved.

Version:  0.5
Dependences: R(=>2.13) 32 bits, forecast, sqldf, e1071, RColorBrewer, cwhmisc, dummies
Authors: Patricio Fuenmayor Viteri and Hermann Mena
Maintenance: Patricio Fuenmayor Viteri <>, Hermann Mena <>

Topicos: Automatic forecasting, Time Series, Fuzzy Clustering, Econometrics, Finance.


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