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This is a 32 bit Windows™ software to visualize fault plane solutions. In conjunction with FocMec, this software may serve as a graphical interface. FPS is free and is distributed under the GNU public license.

Current version: 4.5.0 (2017-08-15)

A win32 compiled executable can be downloaded from here, together with auxiliary files needed (station table and IASP91 travel time table) and an example file.

The documentation is available here.

The source code (delphi 7) can be downloaded from here.

To utilize the full functionality of FPS you should download and install the program FocMec by Arthur Snoke.



TectonicsFP is one of the leading Windows™ solutions for processing brittle structural data. Please visit the TectonicsFP homepage (external link, if you want to get more information). A free evaluation copy may be downloaded from there.
TectonicsFP 1.7.5

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