"Functional and genetic characterization of microbial communities: Sole carbon source tests"
28 - 30 September 2005 Lisbon, Lisbon University, Faculty of Science.

Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Biotechnology (ÖGBT) in Innsbruck
22 September 2004 (www.oegtb.org).

"Microbiology of Composting and other Biodegradation Processes"
Innsbruck, 18 - 20 October 2000. Participation of 300 scientists from 42 countries.

Proceedings book is still available through your bookseller or Springer Verlag: Insam, Riddech & Klammer (2002): Microbiology of Composting, 650 pp.
(download table of contents)

Symposium organisation "Microbial processes during composting" in the frame of 8th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, Halifax, Canada.

Organisation of the meeting "Substrate utilization for characterization of microbial communities in terrestrial ecosystems (SUBMECO)"
16 - 18 October 1996. Participation of 150 scientists from 28 countries.

Proceedings Book is sold out, but may be downloaded here: Insam & Rangger (1997): Microbial Communities (pdf, full text)

Organisation of the Workshop "Decomposition and Accumulation of Organic Matter in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Biological Aspects"
This meeting was one in a series of meetings within the concerted action "Decomposition and accumulation of organic matter in terrestrial ecosystems", financed by the European Union and led by Nico van Breemen.

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