Blaise Pascal Bougnom
PhD student Microbial Ecology

phone: +43 512 507 6394
fax: +43 512 507 2928

Short Curriculum Vitae
Blaise Pascal Bougnom was born in Ombessa/ Cameroon. He completed a Bachelorīs degree in Applied Biology at the University of Ngaoundere in June 1999, then he got both Masterīs degree in Applied Biology in September 2001 and Masterīs degree in Hydrobiology and Environment in February 2003 at the University of Yaounde I. He worked on "Alternative method(ethanol method)for selecting Bacillus spp and Clostridium spp spores from food and Environment". He has been awarded a scholarship out of means of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), administred by Austrian Exchange service(ÖAD) for PhD studies at the University of Innsbruck since October 2006.

Current Project
Blaise is currently working on the project " Impact of organic wastecompost on Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria(PGPR): Influence on soil health and productivity".

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