Heribert Insam
professor, head of the working group
head of BioTreaT researchstudio

phone: +43 512 507 6009
mobile: +43 664 8251214
fax: +43 512 507 2928
email: heribert.insam@uibk.ac.at

Short Curriculum Vitae

Heribert Insam (or short: Heri, pronounced like Harry) was born in 1957 in Zell am See, Austria, and did his PhD in 1985 at the University of Innsbruck working on the microbiota during the reclamation of ski-slopes (how could have been his topic different in a country of ski-instuctors). Afterwards, Heri did his PostDoc in form of a sandwich-project within a German-Canadian Cooperation on soil microbial carbon turnover, first in Braunschweig, Germany (Federal Research Institute of Agriculture, Inst. of Soil Biology) and then, from 1987 to 1988 at the University of Calgary, Alberta,Canada. From 1989 to 1991 he worked in Germany again, this time on forest soil revegetation in China. In 1991 he returned to Innsbruck, working on various aspects of soil microbiology. Since 1993 Heri has his own working group 'Microbial Ecology', and since 1996 he is slowly moving his scientific focus from soil microbiology towards microbiology of organic wastes.

Publications in Journals

  • H. Insam and his co-workers have published more than 80 articles in scientific journals and books. (link)

Editor of Journals
  • Co-Editor-In-Chief of the journal GEODERMA (Elsevier) view
  • Regional Editor of the journal Soil Biology & Biochemistry (Elsevier)

Special Issues of Journals
  • Insam H, Rangger A (Eds.; 1997) Substrate use tests for characterisation of microbial communities. Journal of Microbiological Methods. Elsevier, Amsterdam
  • Saiz-Jimenez C, King JM, Insam H (Eds.; 1999) Environmental Biogeochemistry. Journal of Microbiological Methods. Elsevier, Amsterdam

Publication of Books

  • Insam H, Rangger A, eds. (1997) Microbial Communities. Functional versus structural approaches. 261 pp (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg)
  • Insam H, Klammer S, Riddech N, eds. (2002) Microbiology of Composting. Springer, Heidelberg, 632 pp.

Organisation of Scientific Meetings
  • 1993: Decomposition and accumulation of organic matter in terrestrial ecosystems: biological aspects.
  • 1996: SUBMECO A conference on Biolog substrate utilization tests
  • 2000: Microbiology of Composting

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