Gerd Innerebner
student & researcher in Innsbruck
until 2006

Short Curriculum Vitae

Gerd Innerebner was born in 1980 in Bozen, Italy. He began to study biology at the University of Innsbruck in 1999, he studied in Vienna and Helsinki and completed his studies in 2005 working with ammonia oxidizers in compost-treated soils. In 2002 he did an internship at the Agricultural Research Center Laimburg, Italy. After his graduation, Gerd investigated ANAMMOX bacteria in wastewater and microbial communities in tropical canopy soils.


  • Innerebner G, Knapp B, Vasara T, Romantschuk M and Insam H (2006) Traceability of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in compost-treated soils. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 38: 1092-1100.

  • Mayrhofer S, Mikoviny T, Waldhuber S, Wagner AO, Innerebner G, Franke-Whittle IH, Märk TD, Hansel A and Insam H (2006) Microbial community related to volatile organic compound (VOC) emission in household biowaste. Environmental Microbiology 8: 1960-1974.

  • Knapp B, Ros M, Aichberger K, Innerebner G, Insam H (2005) Traceability of microbial compost communities in a long-term field experiment. In: Aichberger K, Badora A (Eds.), Soil Organic Matter and Element Interactions. ALVA-Mitteilungen Heft 3/2005, Vienna.


field station La Gamba

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