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Dr. Günter Köck

Institute for Interdisciplinary

Mountain Research (ÖAW-IGF)Technikerstraße 21a

6020 Innsbruck


Tel. +43 1 51581 2771

E-mail: guenter.koeck@oeaw.ac.at




E-mail: guenter.koeck@uibk.ac.at



Photo Credits: High-Arctic-Team, Günter Köck, Harald Niederstätter, Burkhard Berger, Janice Lang, Lois Lammerhuber

This pencil drawing made and presented to me as a Christmas gift by Sebastian and Teresa describes my expedition to Lake Hazen, in particular the thrilling situation when a wolve attacked me in my tent. Here are the dialogues:


Fish: „Günter´s coming!“ „Quick, let´s go or he´ll turn us into former staff!“  „Oh my God!“

Penguins: „I knew we shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!“ „Just what me thinks, too!“

Günter (in German/English slang): „Get out of my tent, you stupid wolve! I don´t want you in here. Clear off!“

Wolve: „?????????“

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