Motivated and single-minded chemist with focus on analytical chemistry. Proficient in method development and development of stationary phases. Experience in synthesis of polymers with different polymerization techniques. Skills in advanced data analysis and design of experiments. Additional work experience in chemical and medicinal industry. Published one peer-reviewed publication as first author and one with co-authorship. Supervision of bachelor/master/diploma theses of 4 students within one year.

Currently working at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry (University of Innsbruck) under supervision of assoc. Prof. Dr. Matthias Rainer. Research topics are the development of stationary phases for detection and determination of toxicological and pharmacological relevant molecules.

Beside working in the laboratory, coordinator of 100 young people between five and thirteen at the SK Wilten (soccer). Coordination of practice lessons and evaluation of skills improvement. Management and implementation of national and international tournaments.

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May 2017
I received a DOC-fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences for my dissertation project. link

December 2016
I received a performance scholarship (grade point average below 1.5) from the University of Innsbruck.

October 2016
I received the PhD scholarship from the University of Innsbruck for my dissertation project. link

September 2016
My research paper "Synthesis and evaluation of a novel molecularly imprinted polymer for the selective isolation of acetylsalicylic acid from aqueous solutions" is now accepted and available online. link

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